The first step for achieving a trademark‘s iconic status is to skillfully protect it with the right strategies.

Why not protect yours?

A well protected trademark not only helps differentiate the products or services you offer from your competitors’, but also, thanks to their positioning, will reap economic benefits for you day after day.
We understand the value of your brand. At PPM we work to guarantee the greatest possible protection for your distinctive signs.

What do we do to help our clients?

  • Carry out trademark searches in the Mexico TMO (IMPI) database
  • Filing of trademark, commercial slogans and trade dress registrations
  • Industrial Property renewal rights
  • Trademark protection: nullities, cancellations and administrative infringements
  • Use Licensing
  • Trademark Assignments
  • Trademark searches
  • Third party trademark application oppositions
  • Domain searches, registrations and name transfers
  • Domain name recovery and negotiations
  • New technologies and protection in the digital environment
  • Internet and ecommerce business counseling