Value added for your inventions
With technical and legal skill, our professionals protect patents, utility models and industrial design inventions in Mexico and abroad.

We represent a variety of clients, from sole inventors and universities to multinational corporations. At PPM we have professionals in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical, electrical, chemical and mechanical fields as well as communications, food and beverage products and services, financial services and computer service industries among others.
Correctly protecting your invention helps close your competitors’ paths, granting you a technological monopoly while the patent, utility model and/or industrial design is in force.

How can we help you?

At PPM we carry out the following legal and technical services:

  • Freedom to Operate Searches and Opinions
  • Patentability Searches and Opinions
  • Equivalent Patent Searches and Opinions
  • Technical Searches
  • Searches for determining countries with particular technologies
  • Technology surveillance
  • Filing of Patent, utility model and industrial design applications
  • Claim drafting in light of Prior Art
  • Writ responses to administrative and substantive office actions with legal/technical analysis
  • Invalidity and Infringement opinions
  • Claim scope opinions for patents or utility models
  • Opinions rendered for technology transfer, assignments and third party licensing
  • Patent litigation including infringement, nullity and invalidity
  • Strategies for developing patent portfolios