Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, 91 year old Japanese genius holds the world record with over 3,572 patents, from which the floppy disc, CD technology, DVD technology, digital watch, Pyon Pyon boots and Cerebrex stand out, among others.

In order to maintain his creativity Dr. Nakamatsu keeps his body and mind in shape and in order to conceive his inventions he carries out different processes adapting spaces within his home, which allow for his ideas to have a better flow.

His favorite place in which to draw inspiration from is found in his bathroom lined with 24 karat gold tiles, because according to the inventor, gold blocks the damaging waves emitted by computers, cell phones and WIFI networks which prevent access to his imagination. He also has a room he named “movement”, in which he always listens to Beethoven’s fifth symphony when he finishes his inventions.

Dr. Nakamatsu even has a method, which is his secret, the last generator of ideas and which no one else uses. It is an underwater technique, as he considers that being underwater and half a second before dying is the best moment to have an idea, for which he even invented a special waterproof notepad to be able to write at that moment.

This genius even invented his own treatment for curing prostate cancer, which consists of a highly meticulous and documented diet, as well as a new gangan robot invention to fight cancer. Dr. Nakamatsu was given a one year life expectancy and yet, he has lived five years.

His creed is “I am going to create inventions until the day I die, as this makes people happy and that makes me happy”.

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The Father of Invention

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