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Visión y Valores

Vision and
Values Flecha

Why PPM?

PPM has maintained itself faithful to its original vision from its onset: to be a cutting edge and visionary firm. Our focus makes us attractive. We understand and learn from our clients. PPM has evolved around and for its clients through the passage of time; sharing our Intellectual Property knowledge and helping our clients maximize their resources in the field. We work and grow parallel along our clients.

We understand how to protect your product or service in different corners of the world; we cross geographic, commercial, cultural and ideological barriers to accomplish this.

Our precise and efficient service places us amongst the highest rankings on both national and international levels; international magazines have pegged us "the best kept secret in Mexico".

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Excellent service. Creative and proactive solutions.
  • Commitment to our clients, our employees and respectfulness towards our colleagues.
  • Social responsibility. We firmly believe that our pro-bono and social assistance programs make us who we are and enrich us as individuals.
  • Ethical and honest dealings with the Authorities.
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