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Protection of trademarks in Mexico requires both strategy and dexterity. This we know because it’s what we do. This is what we are committed to.

Trademarks are always projected to be an important asset for a business. Often the most valuable asset of a company becomes its trademarks. There are even trademarks which develop into iconic brands.

Why not yours? A well protected trademark is not only going to help your business by protecting its value by setting your products or service apart from your competitor’s, but also thanks to the goodwill and brand of the same, it will increase your financial gains on a daily basis.

PPM understands the value of your trademark. We help protect your future. PPM stands out as a firm thanks to our clearness, quick and efficient responsive service, as well as for our cost conscious pricing.

We have extensive experience encompassing all areas, including advertisements, commercial slogans and trade-dress.

What do we do to help our clients ensure obtaining the greatest benefit from their trademark, advertisements and trade dress for the future?

  • Priority search through the Mexican Trademark Office’s database (IMPI)
  • Filing registration for trademarks, advertisements and trade dress
  • Studying and responding to legal impediments
  • Management of your IP portfolio
  • Trademark protection: administrative infringement and litigation
  • Use licensing
  • Assignment of right;
  • Unfair competition
  • Due diligence and IP portfolio auditing
  • Trademark oppositions and cancellations
  • Domain name disputes
  • Internet, social media and e-commerce dealings
  • Sports law
  • Image Rights
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