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PPM adds direct value to our clients’ inventions.

AT PPM, our attorneys and engineers provide the technical and legal support to help clients develop, protect and manage their patent, utility model or industrial design portfolio. Our attorneys prepare, file and prosecute patent applications and provide counsel to clients both in Mexico and abroad.

We represent clients who range from individual inventors, to universities, multinational corporations to research institutes. Our team offers technical assistance to our clients in a broad array of areas such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical, electrical, chemical, mechanical, communications, consumer products and services, oil, financial services and computer fields among others. Our patent clients and their needs are as diverse as our work.

We also help with freedom to operate, infringement and invalidity opinions, so that together we can strategize maximum benefit for our client’s inventions.

We handle patent litigation efficiently and are cost sensitive to our clients’ businesses; our litigators are known for explaining complex technical issues in a clear-cut manner to maximize our client’s assets. We understand our clients’ needs because we understand their fields.

What do we do to help our clients obtain the upmost benefit from their patent, utility model or industrial design portfolio?

  • We help with patent prosecution of the product and/or method, suggesting claims in order to protect the product and/or method
  • Appropriately, we apply for the patent before the national patent office or before the foreign offices, and we fight novelty, inventive activity and industrial application of the patent.
  • We offer opinions regarding scope claim validity before the Mexican Patent Office.
  • We offer to conduct a search of prior art in order to determine the possibilities of protecting and defending the patent both in Mexico and abroad.
  • We monitor the patent registration throughout the course of twenty years, notifying the client of the date in which the patent’s annual payments are due in a timely fashion.
  • We advise clients on their transfer of patent rights, including granting licenses to third parties.
  • We carry out freedom to operate, infringement, equivalent patent, clearance and state of the art searches and opinions.
  • We are highly proficient in the due diligence area, often advising clients in regards to chain of title issues or deficiencies enforcement/prosecution deficiencies
  • We are well known to our clients and colleagues for providing strategic advice on the development of patent portfolios.
  • We are extensively involved in patent enforcement in Mexico on behalf of our clients.
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