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There are instances when litigation is deemed necessary by the owners of rights in national and international markets.

At PPM we effectively defend our clients’ intellectual property rights. We are specialists in all intellectual property litigation areas, encompassing all available administrative and judicial paths.

Within our services in this scope, we highlight the following:

  • Nullity, expiration and cancelation of trademarks and patents before the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office (IMPI)
  • Infringement and provisional measures before the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office (IMPI)
  • Enforcement measures to fight forgery, counterfeiting and piracy
  • Enforcement measures to fight unfair competition
  • Parallel imports and border measures
  • Copyright Litigation
  • Copyright negotiations before the National Copyrights Institute (INDAUTOR)
  • Litigation in the advertisement area (false, comparative or misleading) before the Ethical Advertisement Auto-regulation Council (CONAR) and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO)
  • Nullity trials before the Fiscal and Administrative Justice Tribunal (TFJFA)
  • Amparo Appeals before the Collegiate Circuit Tribunals and District Courts
  • Consultation, negotiation and domain name recovery including UDRP and LDRP procedures before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Abuse and allegations in social networking platforms
  • New technologies and protection in the digital environment
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