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History Flecha

Since 1942.

As a refugee in France after the Spanish Civil War, our founding member, Nicolás Alcalá del Olmo fled Paris during World War II and arrived to Mexico in 1941.

Having served as the Senior Director at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, he founded our firm in Mexico, Panamericana de Patentes y Marcas, S.C. (PPM) in 1941. In 1942 he obtained from then President Lázaro Cardenas permission to practice law within the Mexican territory. His interest in Intellectual Property, his broad knowledge of the matter, his connections in Spain as well as France, combined with the scarceness of firms dedicated to Intellectual Property area in Mexico, allowed Nicolás Alcalá del Olmo to specialize solely in this area upon opening his firm.

Today, PPM has over 70 years experience in providing technical and legal services in the Intellectual Property area on both national as well as international levels, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, utility models, industrial designs, industrial secrets, domain names and e-commerce.

PM has helped our clients protect their inventions and distinctive marks in Mexico as well as worldwide.

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